Bonus track for the “Commanding innovation” community

Toughout my carrer, I have collected a suite of powerful tools for innovation. Now, through the contributions of ‘Commanding Innovation’, i am eager to share this arsenal with th world. this is more than a gestura-it’s a commitment to facilitanting your path to assured innovation sucess. Join us, and let’s transform possibility into achievement together.”

-Alan Zettelman


Access a handpicked set of resource and tools, perfeclty attuned to “Commanding Innovation”. This Toll Box enhances your learning, bridging the gap between theory and practical application.


Join Alan Zettelman in an intense Marsterclass, delving deeper into the book’s core ideas. Experience interactive sessions, case discusisons, and direct engagement with the author, ensuring a thorough understanding and insight into commanding innovation.


Keep pace with the latest in innovation. Subscribing ensures you’re regularly updated with exclusive insights and content, extending your learning journey beyond the book.

Take our curated assessments to evaluate your understanding and application of the book’s teachings. Interact with the author and refine your innovation strategies, ensuring yout skills are up to date and effective.


Dive further into strategic innovation with our list of influential reads that complement “commanding Innovation”. Explore the landscape of innivation from different perspectives and enhance yout knowledge and application skills.


Become a member of the Collaborate to Win High Club. This exclusivve club provides an exceptional platform to connect with industry leaders, experienced innovators, and like-minded peers. benefit fro the collective wisdom, insightful discussions, and pratical examples of successful innovation. Broaden your horizon and enhance your innovative strategies to steer your organization towards un precedented success.

Step forward into innovation success with these outstanding resouces, designed for your organizational growth and innovation excellence.

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