José Antonio Cano

“Alan is, no doubt, far over average. He is one of those modern professionals that understand innovation, technology as well as business, and thus he is able to carry out complex projects in which these key aspects are a must. His soft-skills character can be addressed just with a single word: enterprising. Indeed, his enterprising character, (together with his business commitment) makes him more than suitable for pushing breakthrough market-based innovations and helping companies in their transformation processes. The book is just a reflection of how Alan understands innovation and applies it to the transformation process of organizations through a complete, solid method that generates quick wins, so necessary today”. Ph.D in Telecommunications and Information Technologies Jose Antonio Cano is Consulting Director at IDC as well as Strategic advisor in organizations like “Sociedad Aeronáutica Española”. He is former Academic Director in Deusto Business School and former senior manager in consulting firms like Deloitte as well as Government Agencies like Agencia IDEA.

Jon Segovia de Celaya

“Thanks to the coaching process that we developed initially and the subsequent bond that we have generated, I have been fortunate to know and work with Alan in depth. There are many things I would highlight about Alan. Among them, that of a disruptive and highly educated mind. Far above what we find today in the innovation market. This leads him to propose very well-structured and well-founded consulting solutions. On the other hand, his insatiable curiosity for knowledge and having worked and lived in such diverse geographies, allows him to have a very rich global vision of what is really happening today in the field of innovation. He is undoubtedly a voice to be listened to carefully in his field”. Ph.D. in Business Organization, Jon Segovia, is a Professor of People Development and Change Management at Deusto Business School. He is the former General Director LATAM at APPLUS+, Unión FENOSA Group and has held other management positions at Solarpack & Bureau Veritas Group.

Alireza Fasih

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Alan for a remarkable decade now, and it’s been a journey filled with inspiration and growth. Alan is a dynamo of energy, always ready to dive into challenges and help businesses reach their full potential. What truly sets Alan apart is his profound understanding of business development and the innovation process. His insights are like a compass guiding business toward success in an ever-evolving marketplace. His dedication to fostering growth and driving innovation is truly commendable.

I wholeheartedly recommend Alan not just as a colleague but as a trusted partner in the pursuit of business excellence. His knowledge and passion are bound to leave an indelible mark on any venture”. Ph.D. in AI & Computer vision, Alireza Fasih, Computer Vision Research Engineer by MRL, former college in AVL DiTest, actual serial entrepreneur, Founder of “THE FAST PROJECT COMPANY” and co-founder & CTO of Herzen-App Austria.

Lucas Marchesini

“I’ve had the honor of knowing Alan Zettelmam for several years, and he is truly one of those rare individuals that life graces us with. Alan is a dynamic professional, a kind friend, and a person whose heart is always ready to serve others. He is forward-thinking, constantly in pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement. His unique set of skills enables him to have a profound impact on people and drive transformative change in companies. I’m confident that his involvement in “Commanding Innovation” will bring about meaningful transformations for individuals, businesses, and entire communities”. Dr. Gabriela Corte, Actual Board Director of Soliker Energia, former CEO of Soliker and Ideator of the Social Fund “Sun to the World”.

“Working at creating an innovative aeronautical company like Manta Aircraft needs a whole set of new approaches, new ways to look at the market and to create partnerships. Alan has followed Manta since its inception and has consistently looked for ways to connect the company with forward thinkers, selected through his vision of innovation. The network of innovators that Alan has, is one of the valuable assets that he brings to the table of an enterprise focused on a path of evolution into new grounds”.

Eng. MBA Lucas Marchesini, CEO of MANTA Aircraft & Co Founder of Formula Air Grand Prix.

Stephan Horvath

“I enjoyed working with Alan on cutting-edge projects in advanced technology and sustainable solutions. Alan’s innovative thinking consistently pushes the envelope; what sets the projects apart is not just technical insight but also their new pathways.

He understands that innovation doesn’t occur in a vacuum; it demands a blend of expertise, collaboration, and boldness, making him not just an ambassador but an accelerator for any team.

In an era where technology evolves at an unprecedented rate, Alan’s forward-thinking approach ensures that projects don’t just meet the current standards but set new benchmarks for the future. For example, the sustainable technologies we’ve worked on are renewable energy systems blended with social responsibility that have the potential to redefine how we approach sustainability.

Alan is a veritable dynamo of innovation in the fields of advanced technology, AAM and SOI sustainable oriented Innovation”.

Stephan Horvath, CEO of Ideations Holding and former CEO of IPG Digital and Media Services.

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