First-class management team

Alan Zettelmann


Innovation & Strategy Leader

Alan is an experienced business leader with a profound passion for strategy, innovation, and creativity. With a career marked by business successes, innovative strategies, and entrepreneurial achievements, Alan is renowned for his empathetic, purpose-driven leadership and extraordinary communication skills. He is a visionary committed to unlocking companies’ innovation potential, enabling them to reach exceptional levels of success.

Stephan Horvath

CEO, Ideation

Stephan is an experienced executive, CEO, and expert in business strategy. Based in Germany, Stephan masterfully leads areas such as Ideation, Innovation, Investor Relations, Executive Consulting, and Executive Coaching. He also lends his expertise as a Board Advisor. His versatile and strategic profile is a valuable asset for companies seeking guidance and innovation.

Renan Vieira

Creative Director

Creativity, Innovation, and Visual Impact

Renan is a multidisciplinary professional passionate about creating impactful visual experiences. With a solid career and extensive experience in creative direction, photography, and video production, Renan is a true catalyst for innovation and creativity.

Italo Maddalozzo


Italo is a leadership expert who assists leaders in awakening their courage and authenticity. Previously, he served as VP of Sales and now focuses on leadership coaching. He also plays the role of consultant for startups and facilitates team workshops.

“Italo recognizes that corporate culture often stifles authenticity, promoting conformity to external expectations. For him, personal leadership involves reclaiming one’s authenticity and staying true to one’s own truth.”

Alireza Fasih, PhD

CTO Advisory | Board Advisor

With a strong background in Full-Stack Development, Data Analysis, Unreal Engine, Machine Learning, and Software Development, Alireza Fasih is a prominent figure in the technology landscape.

With a PhD backing his strong technical foundation and a track record of achievements across various technology disciplines, Alireza is an invaluable asset to our team and our clients. Whether it’s crafting innovative solutions, conducting advanced data analysis, or developing cutting-edge software, he is dedicated to driving the success and ongoing growth of our projects.

Hector Rodovalho

CEO of Growth Partners Hub

He brings with him over 10 dedicated years in the realm of entrepreneurship, the construction of robust brands, and strategic communication. His journey as a business consultant led him to spearhead Urbana Branding, where he played a pivotal role in the successful shaping of over 200 ventures across various sectors.

What sets Hector apart is his unique approach and exclusive methodology for crafting business models. He deeply comprehends the ever-evolving dynamics of the business world and recognizes the importance of tailored strategies. This expertise has made him a specialist in strategic development and planning, enabling businesses not only to thrive but also to achieve significant growth.

Paco Bree

CEO of Inndux

Professor and Director of Innovation Programs at Deusto Business School, Professor at Advantare School of Management, Columnist at D+I, and Co-Founder and Digital Artist at

He is an advocate of polymathy and the Medici effect, a recognized professional in the field of creativity, innovation, and management. He also works as a business consultant and contributor to various media outlets, such as EL ESPAÑOL. Paco holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Kingston Business School (Kingston University, London), an MBA from Edinburgh University Business School, and an MBI from Deusto Business School.

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