Commanding Change:
A Board Roll In Strategic Innovation

A book to lead Innovation & Disruptive Innovation

Alan shines on stage as he shares his leadership journey at the “Commanding Change” book launch event. His charisma and experience captivate the audience, setting the stage for the valuable lessons his book offers. A sneak peek of what readers will find within the pages of this inspirational guide!

Alan surrounded by enthusiastic readers, eager to get an autographed copy of “Commanding Change.” Their excitement reflects the contagious energy of the book, promising to revolutionize their leadership approaches. Alan is turning ideas into action, and these readers are ready to embark on this journey.

Alan engages in stimulating conversations with other leaders and professionals. These dialogues are rooted in the core principles of “Commanding Change.” Alan’s book is a beacon of wisdom that illuminates these discussions, promoting innovation and growth. A must-read for anyone looking to lead successfully in an ever-changing world.

The Author:
Alan Zettelmann

Alan Zettelmann is a renowned innovation expert, linguist, and passionate educator, with a diverse career that spans continents and sectors. He has gained international acclaim for his unique approach to fostering innovation, leveraging his multi-cultural understanding and linguistic prowess to navigate the global innovation landscape.

Zettelmann’s groundbreaking work combines insights from the fields of technology, healthcare, and entrepreneurship, bringing a fresh perspective to the study and practice of innovation. Fluent in five languages, he embodies the spirit of a global citizen, bridging cultural divides and fostering cross-border collaborations.

With a career that boasts leading successful startups, advising multinational corporations, and mentoring budding entrepreneurs, his vast experience enriches his innovative insights.

Zettelmann’s book, “Innovation Demystified: The Playbook for Innovation Leaders”, encapsulates his extensive knowledge and unique approach to innovation. It promises to inspire, challenge, and guide readers on their own journeys towards becoming successful innovation leaders.

A book to lead innovation


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