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What is Innovation Moguls?

Innovation Moguls is an Innovation agency that specializes in measuring the INNOVATION IQ of the organisations by diagnosing the innovation capabilities, and also the coherence of the company strategy. Keeping always with one eye on the Tech radar, we work with partners, innovation experts, top entrepreneurs, Inventors, Innovators and support them to grow the value of their companies. By closing the GAPs to enable innovation and connecting them with right solutions in our Innovation network we BOOST their business.


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Our Services

Having a strong understanding of what it takes to get your business to the next level,
we provide a range of unique services that are guaranteed to boost your company by identifying,
building, and aligning your strategy with strong innovation capabilities and the right aspiration
inside your organization.

Assessing culture and capability for innovation

Map out organization´s aspiration for innovation against its ability to execute on it, in the only ISO compliant 360-degree assessment tool on the market, InnoSurvey® with global benchmarking against the top innovators.

Innovation Sprint

With the innovation sprint one can crack any problem in six to ten weeks with the unique Innovation Sprint method and the world-leading ideation platform Ideation360®. The ideation management platform runs on AI-powered software that allows the organization to collect, cluster and link ideas to strategic initiatives via mobile, desktop and tablet.

SME’s Growth Program

Get 20 to 30 companies sign up for a cluster or region development program where all the companies irrespective of their industry background or size can take part.

Speed up the Development Process by 30% idea to commercial success

This method optimizes the handling of the largest initiatives. It focuses on capabilities against the initiatives based on certainty and required actions. And, ultimately speeds up the stage-gate process on your business-critical innovations.






Here are some recent case studies of clients that worked with us.
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